POTD2 draft schedule

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(schedule subject to revision)
5 p.m.   Doors open, check-in begins!
5:30-6:30   Check-in and Buffet Dinner
6:45-7:45   Welcome and Kick-off
   all-conference session with Delia Clark
8-10:30   Puttin' On the Dance Dance!
    contra, square and English country dances
8:30 a.m.   Doors open, optional schmoozing
9-10:30   All-conference plenary session with Delia Clark
10:45-11:55   Morning sessions
Behind the Scenes: Building constructive relations between performers and organizers
   with Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel and Adina Gordon
Happy Boards and Committees
   with Stephen Gabe and Michael Kerman
Engaging Families in Your (not necessarily 'Family') Dance
   with Chrissy Fowler
12 noon-1 p.m.   Networking Lunch (provided)
1:15-2:25   Afternoon sessions, I
Dance Weekend 101: Organizing a weekend dance event
   with Adam Broome and Jaige Trudel
Beyond Publicity: Getting new dancers to come and come back
   with Tara Bolker and Emily Addison
Sound Design for Social Dance
   with Greg Brown
2:40-3:50   Afternoon sessions, II
Growing Local Talent
   with Luke Donforth and Cedar Stanistreet
Navigating Transitions: From a “One-Person Show” to an Organizing Team
   with Linda Henry
Beyond New Dancers: Upping your attendance by preaching to your converted
   with Emily Addison and Tara Bolker
4:04-5:15   Afternoon sessions, III
Non-Profit Management
   with Rima Dael, Nancy Turner and Catherine Burns
Welcoming Diverse Populations
   with Sophia Donforth and Julia Bennett
Problem Dancers: Proactive management and response; creating safe dancing for all
   with Will Loving
5:15-7:50   Dinner at local restaurants
8-11 p.m.   Ottawa Contra Dance with Genticorum, Chrissy Fowler and Catherine Burns
   Post-dance gathering at the Corner Bar and Grill across the street
8:30 a.m.   Doors open, optional schmoozing
9-10:10   Morning sessions, I
Shoot for the Moon: Organizers' Role in Shaping the Future of Traditional Dance
   with Danielle Boudreau and David Millstone
Creating a Happy, Healthy Volunteer Base
   with Tara Bolker and Maxine Louie
Fundraising Strategies and Tips For Dance Organizations
   with Nancy Turner, Rima Dael and Patty Giavara
10:25-11:35   Morning sessions, II
Hands Across the Border: Keeping the POTD connections going
   with Linda Henry
Dance Finances 0 to 999
   with Chris Deephouse and Catherine Burns
Growing Younger: Engaging youth for a sustainable future
   with Danielle Boudreau and Abigail Hobart
11:50-1 p.m.   All-conference plenary session with Delia Clark
1-2 p.m.   Brown bag lunch and informal farewells

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