Please watch for and complete our Program Survey and encourage others to do the same.

The first Puttin’ On the Dance conference was a huge success! The weekend was packed with learning, networking, and plenty of wonderfully rejuvenative activities. POTD2 aims to be every bit as useful and energizing!

POTD2’s program will be built around many of the things it takes to build a successful dance series. We’ll have lots of relevant workshops, presentations, and discussions to choose from, in categories ranging from nuts-and-bolts how to’s, to working with bands and callers, to community development ideas, and all sorts in between. Topics like these (from POTD1): Sound System 101, Dance Money Mechanics, Cultivating New Callers and Musicians, Promoting Youth Participation, Building Community Through Gender Role Free Dancing, and more!

And we’ll have two evening dances, too!

Sesssion leaders at this participatory, grass-roots event are conferees who have skill and expertise in particular aspects of running a dance series. The information collected from our Program Survey and registration forms is key in identifying topics that are in high demand, as well as some of the people who might lead them. Our dedicated program committee–Catherine, Adina, Sarah, Quena, and Danielle–will include all this valuable input and more when they get down to business, shortly before conference registration opens in October.


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