POTD1 Archive

We are pleased to report that the inaugural Puttin’ On the Dance conference was a success!

Our post-conference resources are available in several sub-pages, directly accessible from embedded links, or from the drop down menu under the Post-Conf heading.  The Archive connects dance organizers to invaluable resources which were generated in conjunction with the conference (handouts, presentations & session summaries), our Testimonials page gives a sense of what folks thought of the conference, a Media page has photos and video, and blog posts and articles can be found in More.

Other useful resources — the CDSS Starter Kits, which are chock-full of advice and how-to details, and the Organizers listserve and searchable archive on SharedWeight.net

Thank you once again to all of the sponsors (CDSS, DEFFA, MFS, NEDM & NEFFA), our advisers (including folks who put on the Southeast Dance Leadership Conference and the Virginia Dance Leadership Conference,) the generous and talented session leaders, and the Hotel Coolidge.  Most importantly, a huge bundle of appreciation to the nearly 80 dance organizers from throughout the Northeast and beyond, whose presence and contributions made puttin’ on Puttin’ On the Dance a deeply rewarding experience.

~ Mary Wesley, Linda Henry, Delia Clark & Chrissy Fowler — December 2011

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