Puttin’ On the Dance 3


Puttin’ On the Dance: A Conference for Northeast Dance Organizers. Supporting the people who sustain our vital dance traditions.

Coming in 2019 to Portland, Maine

Puttin’ On the Dance (POTD) convenes dance organizers from across the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. The objective of this weekend event is to provide resources and opportunities for learning, sharing, renewal, and fun!  This will strengthen networks for sustaining dance organizers, who in turn sustain important traditions of participatory social dance throughout our region.

More details on POTD3 soon…


Call for Supporters!

If you’re as excited as we are, we invite you to help us create POTD3! Here’s how you can help:

Email us at  with your interests.


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POTD 3 interim Chair: Coral Breuer

Sponsors include: DownEast Friends of the Folk Arts (DEFFA) & Portland Intown Contra Dance (PICD)


Start planning for POTD3 – Here are some ways to fund your attendance!

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