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November 2018 Update: POTD3  Planned for 2020!

As many of you know, planning had begun for a third POTD conference, but for various reasons, including illness of loved ones, those plans were postponed. The Puttin’ On the Dance Advisory Board is grateful to that team, especially Dela Murphy and Coral Breuer, for their enthusiasm and hard work on behalf of dance organizers in the Northeast.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Lisa Sieverts will chair a committee to put on POTD-3, sometime in 2020 in the Northeastern US.

A project manager by trade, Lisa has organized dances in Boise ID, Nelson NH, and Peterborough NH and she worked closely with Larry Jennings on his book, Give-and-Take. She is also on the board of the Monadnock Folklore Society.  Lisa attended POTD-1 and believes strongly in the POTD mission. We’re thrilled to have her at the helm!

In July 2019, we will send out a call for folks to join the organizing team for POTD-3. If you have ideas, enthusiasm, or questions before then, please contact the advisory board at .

For ongoing support for dance organizers:

Yours in traditional social dance,

Puttin’ On the Dance Advisory Board
Emily Addison – chair POTD-2
Chrissy Fowler – co-chair POTD-1
Linda Henry – co-chair POTD-1

*POTD is a conference that convenes organizers in the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada who produce dance events in the North American and English social dance traditions (e.g., Cape Breton, community, contra, English country, family, gender free, Quebecois, and square). The objective of this weekend event is to provide resources and opportunities for learning, sharing, renewal, and fun! This will strengthen networks for sustaining dance organizers, who in turn sustain important traditions of participatory social dance throughout our region.

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