Welcome to Puttin’ On the Dance!

May 2020 Update:

We’re writing to report that planning for the next Puttin’ On the Dance conference is currently on hold.  

After several months of productive work with the POTD advisory board and preliminary conversations with folks interested in being on the Conference Organizing Team, Lisa Sieverts had to step down from her role as POTD-3 project manager to focus on other responsibilities. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our shared traditions are on hold.  We know that once things settle down, traditional dance organizers will be eager for a regional conference like POTD. But for now, we’re putting POTD on hold acknowledging that there are other great online opportunities for organizers to receive support during these unprecedented times. Here are some of those options for connection and learning:

Yours in traditional social dance,

Puttin’ On the Dance Advisory Board
Emily Addison – chair POTD-2
Chrissy Fowler – co-chair POTD-1
Linda Henry – co-chair POTD-1

*POTD is a conference that convenes organizers in the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada who produce dance events in the North American and English social dance traditions (e.g., Cape Breton, community, contra, English country, family, gender free, Quebecois, and square). The objective of this weekend event is to provide resources and opportunities for learning, sharing, renewal, and fun! This will strengthen networks for sustaining dance organizers, who in turn sustain important traditions of participatory social dance throughout our region.

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